Yaquina Head National Park

We live just a few miles from this “outstanding natural area” but have only been there a couple of times. It was decided that a trip here was in order so about a week ago the Millennial and I took a trip to the park and caught the ocean at low tide. The pebble beach…

Chitwood Bridge

The millennial and I needed a break from homework so we took a drive and made a discovery.  Chitwood Bridge.  Turns out there are several covered bridges within a couple hour drive of us.  This is the second one we’ve found.  In addition, the train tracks were playing hide and seek with us as we…

Forest Park

Last fall the millennial and I took a trip to Portland and explored Forest Park. For those of you who don’t know Forest Park, it is an expanse of trails on over 5100 acres and is home to the witch’s castle. The goal was to find the witch’s castle which we did. We have yet…

Summer on the Coast

It’s midsummer and we’ve explored a few new places. One with a moderate to difficult hike was the knoll. Spectacular view, well worth the hike.

Blogging for no apparent reason

My wonderfully eloquent husband will be contributing here on occasion.  This is his first addition. The rain is here with us this morning, again.  The rain is here with us often during these winter days, along with its close companions the grey clouds and the grey waves.  Some people peer into the sky these winter…

Lincoln City Beaches in Winter

The weather has been unusually cold, I’ve been told, in comparison to the average coastal winter.  We’ve managed to brave the 30 – 40 degree temperatures and head out to the beach looking for floats. Still no luck in the float department but the sun has been out and the views have been spectacular.


Newport is the largest coastal town in Oregon.  There is so much to do and see including the historic bay front, Nye Beach, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Yaquina Bay Historic Lighthouse.


The millennial and I took a drive to Florence.  It was a beautiful day.  We checked out the shops, the sea lions, and the view.  It was an enjoyable day and we are determined to make it back again soon.    

Sea Lion Caves, Florence

Visited the Sea Lion Caves near Florence recently. We took the elevator 200 feet down to the cave and watched the water splash onto the cave walls, echoing in the emptiness. The sea lions had vacated their cave but it’s still an interesting spot to visit and we’ll definitely be using our bounce back pass…

Haystack Rock, Bob Straub State Park

We’ve arrived in Oregon…Beautiful Oregon and have started some minor exploring.  There is soooo much to discover.  Our first adventure began in Pacific City at the Bob Straub State Park with a view of Haystack Rock. We only stopped in the area for a few minutes and are by no means finished exploring Pacific City.  Next time we’ll be better…

Moving to Oregon

Sometimes events make you focus on what you really want out of life.